We live in exciting times.  Fast times.  High tech times.  Instant gratification times.  I-want-it-cheap and I-want-it-now  times.  And while all of these are amazing advances, here at Goat & Gramp we also value another kind of commerce that's getting bypassed in all the commotion.  A slower kind of commerce, more thoughtful on both ends of the transactions.  A business model in which there is a craftsman, an artisan, or a community of makers who care deeply about the goods they produce and how they produce them, and whose goods are marked by their touch, their time, and their attention.  There are customers who value that, who seek out handmade local goods wherever they travel, who want to get to know the people behind the product, who want to take the time to find just the right piece for themselves, their home, or their loved ones.  Treasure hunters who relish the search and the discovery, to whom the connection to those on the other end of the deal is almost as important as the final treasure itself.  These are the types of businesses and customers that Goat & Gramp was designed to serve.  This is the sort of joyous commerce we want to bring folks together to celebrate.

explore • discover • connect

At Goat & Gramp, explore a curated range of small businesses, connect with the people behind the brands, and find the pieces you love.  Travel the world or shop goods made in your neighborhood, and get to know the people behind the scenes, all from the comfort of your own home.  It's like treasure hunting made easy.

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