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Meet Scott: Scott hates shopping.  He likes to look good, he loves good quality clothing and leather goods, but he’s the kind of guy who owns 2 pairs of pants and thinks that’s just fine.  He has one wallet that he bought 10 years ago and while it’s seen better days, he’s certainly not inclined to go out looking for a replacement.  He hates shopping, be it online or in-store, and even more, hates the big businesses fast fashion mentality, the planned obsolescence of it all.  He’s not against spending money when he needs to, and would much rather have quality items that would last him years, so that he doesn’t have to shop again.  He wishes it would just be easy.  He wishes someone would just say, look, these people make kick-ass button-down shirts that will hold up well.  These people make amazing leather wallets by hand, and these guys will resole your old oxford shoes with something a little more spunky.  That’s where Goat & Gramp comes in.  Those are exactly the kinds of things we can tell you.  So, hey, Scott?  Check out XXXLK for shirts, SLKJD for wallets, and LKJWDL for those old shoes you love so much.


Lisa loves shopping.  It’s sort of a hobby.  Though she’d like her habits to be otherwise, she does often pop in to the fast fashion big name stores for a quick fix or a trendy piece that satisfies that itch.  But now she wants to invest in a really beautiful high quality leather purse.  She is willing to spend a little extra on the quality, but doesn’t want that extra money to merely go to the name brand label on the side.  She wants a sturdy tote bag that will age beautifully, something that will mold to the shape of her life.  She wants to spend on something handcrafted, something really special, but she doesn’t know where to go.  Just try googling “beautiful leather tote” and see what comes up - not very helpful at all.  But now, at Goat & Gramp she search by Materials, Leather, and as if by magic she can find a handful of small businesses who dedicate themselves wholly to producing exactly what she wants.  And now she can have the quality she wants, plus the knowledge of who was behind it, and the joy of knowing it’s something unique and individual.


Brea is from Austin, Texas, and she loves the idea of supporting local designers and artisans.  So she can go to her local craft fairs, but that often tends towards a certain kind of crafty aesthetic and her taste leans a bit more modern, a bit more edgy, a bit more minimalist.  She’d like to know who’s creating impeccable goods in her area, so she can participate in her local artisan ecosystem and support craftsmen and small businesses in her community.  It’s pretty simple now, she can just search by location at Goat & Gramp and see what’s being created in her neck of the woods.


Laura’s husband Tim spent a year living in Argentina, long before they met.  He hasn’t been back since, but she knows it was a hugely important time in his life and wishes they could visit together one day.  Though it’s not currently in their budget, their anniversary is coming up and she wants to give him a gift that’s somehow related to that time in his life.  She doesn’t speak spanish, so finding argentinian e-commerce online is kind of a challenge, but now at Goat & Gramp she can search by location and find belts that were made in collaboration with local textile weavers there, or a knitwear company based in Buenos Aires that’s expanded into US sales as well.  Most thoughtful anniversary gift ever?  Just might be.


Join the ranks of happy shoppers all over the globe and put Goat & Gramp to use.  And if you find the perfect thing, if Goat & Gramp made your treasure hunt a little bit easier and a little bit more joyful, we’d love to hear about it!  Send us your story to